Program Information

The Health Professions Student (HPS) Program facilitates placement of health professions students into clinical rotations, which are in rural or underserved areas of the lowcountry. This service bridges the gapPA_KGonzalez_DrBurnett_BP4 between the university/college classroom setting and the clinical site experience. As interactive members of the community, Lowcountry AHEC’s HPS Coordinators, Kim Stephens and Emily Warren are able to connect health professions degree programs and students with clinical sites as well as facilitate involvement in community health projects.

The HPS Program’s Core Service Goals are to:

  • Foster the development of health professionals who are clinically competent and responsive to the needs of communities.
  • Continually monitor and seek to respond to the need for health professionals in South Carolina.


Lowcountry AHEC serves all schools in the state preparing health professionals. Our priority commitment is to those students entering primary care, to those professions where there is a shortage of providers and to those counties that are medically underserved.

Services provided vary according to curriculum requirements and goals of each academic program but usually include the following:

  • Interface with clinical programs at SC academic institutions
  • Identification of preceptors and clinical rotation sites
  • Assistance with housing
  • Student orientation to the community
  • Clinical site visits
  • Technology support
  • Assistance with community based projects
  • Network with the community health agencies
  • Facilitate the Interprofessional Programs

Emily Warren, LMSW
Health Professions Student Coordinator
Phone: (843) 782-5052, ext. 105
Fax: (843) 782-5053

Kim Stephens, M.S.Ed.
Health Professions Student Coordinator
Phone: (843) 782-5052, ext. 106
Fax: (843) 782-5053